Mega Millions Winning Numbers

Win the next $97,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot with these most profitable combinations!

These most frequently winning number combinations can increase your chances to win the jackpot significantly.

They are based on high-frequency winning patterns and playing them can bring you more prizes than the odds would normally allow.

Computer Icon How we generate winning Mega Millions combinations:

  • we generated all 302,575,350 Mega Millions combinations (that's a lot of numbers)
  • we analyzed each of them from the beginning of Mega Millions draw
  • we checked their performance and recorded how many and which prizes they won
  • we applied additional formulas to separate winning combinations from the losing ones

Info Icon How can you benefit from playing these numbers:

  • They are winning approximately 10 times more often than playing random numbers.
  • The most most frequently winning combinations won 112 prizes to date.

Mega Millions Most Frequently Winning Numbers VS Random Numbers

Many people are skeptical and don't believe in any lottery system. So instead they play quick picks believing that everything is just a pure random game. They have no idea how wrong they are!

We decided to prove to you that there is a system which is way more profitable than playing random numbers. So we did this experiment:

We picked 3 quick picks and 3 high performing lottery combinations using our system. We played them over a period of 12 months. Now see what happened during these 12 months:

Smart Player using our winning system

Smart Player using our winning system

Smart Player using our winning system

* We don't recommend playing the Mega Millions numbers used in this example since their winning frequency have decreased due to pattern changes over the time. It is very important to stay up to date by getting the most recently generated Mega Millions number combinations.

Do you like the results?

As you can clearly see, random numbers player won very little. The outcome would be probably quite frustrating for him and the other players out there who play the same way.

On the other hand our smart player kept winning quite frequently leaving him with a nice profit at the end. And this is only for playing 3 lines! Imagine playing 10, 20, 50 or 100 lines of these combinations?

Light Bulb Icon Special Combinations: Top 25 All Mega Balls Unique combinations

A MUST for people who want to play Mega Millions seriously or setting up their own lottery syndicate! This combo consists of the 25 most frequent winning Mega Millions combinations each with different Mega Ball and all unique main balls sets. We did extensive analysis of each Mega Ball and we can guarantee that each combination we generate will be the top performer ever for that specific Mega Ball.

Playing these numbers will guarantee you that:

  • one combination will always match the Mega Ball
  • all main ball combinations will be unique and most often winning and should bring you plenty of prizes
  • you will be playing the most frequently winning Mega Millions combinations ever

Please check back periodically for latest updates on these Mega Millions combinations.

This option will increase your chances to win by at least 25 times! We believe that the number can be even higher due to elimination of millions of low probability combinations with the additional analysis we perform.

This really is a smart way to play Mega Millions! The jackpot is just a question of time. You can play with confidence because you will be really playing all the best performers since the beginning of Mega Millions. These combinations are updated after each draw.

How many combinations will I get access to?

You will get access to a minimum of 100 of most frequently winning combinations per each lottery + you will also get access to all special combinations including most frequently winning combinations per each bonus ball or bonus ball combinations, top matchers for other higher prize tiers, etc.

Remember, it's about frequency of winning and staying profitable!

Are you interested in playing these most profitable combinations and join the club of successful winners?

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  • All combinations are updated daily after the draw and you will have access to all of them as long as your membership is active.
  • This is the most effective way to play the lottery and will give you the highest chance to win many prizes and ultimately the jackpot.
  • Stay comfortable knowing that you will be playing the most successful and periodically winning combinations.