How to Win Lucky For Life

With such high odds to win the Lucky For Life jackpot, it may seem impossible, but following these tips can help you win many prizes way more frequently than playing random numbers.

info icon 1. Play all combinations?

The only guaranteed way to win the jackpot is to play all 30,821,472 number combinations!

The total costs of doing so at current price per ticket of $2.00 would be staggering $61,642,944!

Jackpot would have to be higher than the costs in order to be profitable. This never happened since the jackpot is capped at $5,750,000

And what if there was more than 1 winner? This strategy will never work since it's money prohibitive. You can't buy all the tickets and even if you could the jackpot is simply not high enough to be profitable. So move on to some more practical strategies.

info icon 2. Play combinations that are winning the most frequently

This is probably the smartest thing you can do to start winning! We do extensive statistics after each draw and among many things we track combinations of numbers which are winning the most frequently. That means, that by playing them, you should be winning way more frequently than the odds would normally allow.

To play these numbers go to Lucky For Life winning numbers

Odds improvement

Most frequently winning combinations can win up to 10 times more often than playing random numbers, which can reduce your odds from 30,821,472 to about 3,082,147 !

info icon 3. Pick your numbers from system generated Lucky For Life predictions

Another good way to improve your odds to win is to select only about half of the numbers from the whole pool of numbers using our Lucky For Life system predictions strategy. This can reduce your odds to win dramatically! Have a look at how the strategy works.

Odds improvement

By reducing the pool of numbers by half, that means pick only from 26 Main balls and 5 Lucky Balls, you are reducing the total odds from 30,821,472 to about 3,895,584 which is about 98% odds improvement !

info icon 4. Participate in user generated predictions using Wisdom of Crowds method

This system is based on Wisdom of Crowds method where crowd of random people (our users) are trying to predict the results of the lottery. Join them and see how they predicted in the past.

Odds improvement

We are still waiting for the jackpot to be predicted so your help would be much appreciated. Just register and post your predictions.

info icon 5. Don't play combinations that have been drawn before

Also don't play combinations that have been drawn in the last draw!

Seriously, to this date none of the winning combinations repeated! Playing them will most likely guarantee you that you will never win a jackpot again. Yes, you could still win some smaller prizes but why waste time and money? Just don't buy the numbers drawn before.

Some people do it for whichever reasons, but this has never worked.

Odds improvement

Just by eliminating 5 main numbers and 1 Lucky Ball from the whole pool of numbers, you will reduce your odds from 30,821,472 to 16,364,166 !

Such a simple change! You will be playing now only 43 main numbers and 17 Lucky Balls and this will lower your odds by over 14 million!

info icon 6. Avoid playing low numbers like your birthday dates

By playing birthday dates you are limiting yourself to playing only numbers from 1-31. From the past draw history we can tell, that in majority of jackpots there was a number present which was higher than 31.

Coverage improvement

You will be playing extra 39 main numbers but you will have to select one of our different strategies to improve your odds to win.

info icon 7. Don't play consecutive numbers

Playing consecutive numbers like 1-2-3-4-5 (6) should be avoided since such a phenomenon so far never happened and even though it's statistically possible, you would be surprised how many people play these numbers. In case these numbers would indeed be picked, you would have to share the jackpot with all of them.

info icon 8. All same last digits? Not a good idea!

Similar strategy as playing consecutive numbers, playing numbers with the same last digit like 1-11-21-31-41 (1) hasn't happened in the past so you may as well not use it.

info icon 9. Play the right ratio ODD vs EVEN numbers

The best ratio of ODD vs EVEN main numbers is 3 odd and 2 even or 2 odd 3 even. So when picking your numbers, try not to pick all of them odd or even. For more info, check out our detailed Lucky For Life statistics page.

info icon 10. Participate in Lottery syndicates

Playing lottery syndicates can surely improve your odds to win. The most important part is to find the right people to play and draft a syndicate agreement so everyone is covered in case of win. You can also use online lottery syndicates but make sure you do the research, and that they are genuine.