How to Win the Lottery

There's no shortage of "proven" lottery systems that promise to help you win the lottery with a minimum investment. But the truth is, these systems rarely live up to expectations. There are, however, some time-tested strategies that can help you win more often than you thought was possible. Here we'll show you some of the most common tips that can dramatically improve your lottery outcomes, and then we'll show you how to take them to the next level with our proven winning systems and generators, so you can finally start winning way more often than the odds would normally allow.

Do you believe that lottery outcomes are purely random and cannot be predicted?

We asked ourselves this question a long time ago, when we first set up a lottery syndicate and couldn't pick the winning numbers. Then we got an idea! What if we knew the combinations of numbers which are winning the most often? So we started to work on a system that could increase our chances to win.

info icon Is winning all about luck?

Many people still believe that it's all about pure luck but to win a jackpot you need more than a 'bit of luck'. But you can't count on it to happen to you. Instead of that you can use 'smart luck' and give the fate a little hand with the precise targeted strategy. Our system will tell you what is probable to happen and what is unlikely to happen. Our system will allow you to win prizes far more often than the odds would normally allow. Keep in mind that the odds to win the lottery are extremely high and you will not win every time you play. However, using our system will dramatically reduce these odds and you will win more prizes than before.

info icon What do we know about randomness of picking lottery numbers?

Wikipedia explains, that random number generator is a computational or physical device designed to generate a sequence of numbers or symbols that lack any pattern, i.e. appear random. Hardware-based systems (like lottery ball machines) for random number generation are widely used, but often fall short of this goal, though they may meet some statistical tests for randomness intended to ensure that they do not have any easily discernible patterns (read full article here).

"Did you know that creating random numbers is not as easy as you may think?"

info icon This was great news in regard to building our system!

We have discovered that randomly drawn numbers actually do form patterns; it’s all around the frequency. The more often a combination wins, the easier it is to spot these patterns.

What we did next, we generated all possible lottery combinations for a lottery game and then looked at the winning patterns of the ones winning the most often. We were able to recognize these patterns and after many tweaks to our system even successfully predict them!

"Good news: randomness forms patterns which can be predicted by our system!"

info icon Is it possible to win more frequently than the odds would normally allow?

Spotting the winning patterns early on can increase your chances to win significantly. The Lottery is no longer a game of pure chance.

We based our system on mathematical probability and extensive statistical analysis of all the lottery draws. The great news is you don't have to worry about any of this because our system will do all the work for you! We can show you what is most likely to happen, and what is unlikely to happen. Our system will allow you to win prizes far more often than the odds would normally allow.

"What is the most probable will most likely happen. What is the least probable will least likely happen."

info icon How about other lottery systems, are they working?

During our research we found many lottery systems suggesting we avoid number combinations drawn before; not to play all low numbers such as birthdays; not to choose consecutive numbers; play a mixture of odd and even numbers and so on. After testing these theories we found out that they may be right to some extent, but it would still leave us with millions of possible combinations to pick from, with the odds to win the lottery still stacked against us!

info icon How to pick the winning lottery numbers?

Don't play combinations that have been drawn before!

Till this date none of the winning combinations repeated! Playing them will most likely guarantee that you will never win a jackpot again.

Avoid playing low numbers like your birthday dates!

Many lottery players like to select birthdays or other anniversaries dates. This way they can cover only numbers from 1 to 31. In case the jackpot will consist from all the lower numbers 1-31, there's a high chance that you will share the jackpot with tons of other people. However, most of the jackpots include winning numbers higher than 31, so playing low numbers will reduce your probability to win.

Don't play consecutive numbers! Absolutely avoid 1-2-3-4-5-6!

5 or 6 consecutive numbers have never been drawn in any lottery history! Specifically the ones at the beginning (1-2-3-4-5-6) or the end (45-46-47-48-49-50) have very small chance to win the lottery ever! (more on this in sum of numbers analysis). But you would be surprised how many people are actually playing these numbers! So if you decide to join them, and these numbers would somehow got picked, you would be sharing jackpot with quite a lot of people. Our advice is definitely avoid.

All same last digits? Not a good idea!

Many lottery players also like playing same last digits like 7, 17, 27, 37, 47, etc. This never happened! And if it will, you'll share the winning jackpot with them.

Number multiples? Also wrong!

Lots of people play number multiples like 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. This never happened either! And even if it will, you know your share of the jackpot.

"Have you noticed that in drawings without jackpot winner the numbers are usually higher than normal?"

Lucky dips? Don't be lazy! Do your own!

Based on statistics most of the people who won jackpots picked their own combinations. Since most people are lazy to create their own combinations, they play random numbers. Statistically then they should win more prizes than people picking their own lottery numbers, but they didn't!

ODD vs EVEN numbers

Don't play all ODD or all EVEN numbers! This happens very rarely. Best mix is even selection of odd and even numbers. We provide detailed statistics with the information about the best ODD vs. EVEN numbers ratios.

SUM of numbers

Another interesting factor to look at are the sums of winning numbers. Too low or too high sums are not happening or very rarely so we suggest to look at our statistics for detailed data.

How many numbers to buy?

If you are deciding whether to play 1 line over a period of 10 draws or 10 lines in 1 draw - you have higher chance to win the lottery if you play all 10 combinations in 1 draw than redistribute it over a period of 10 draws. You are multiplying your chances to win by 10 instead of just 1.

Play numbers from previous draw?

For some reason 1 number from previous draw is often being drawn in the next draw. So when picking your numbers you may want pay attention to one of the numbers drawn in the past draw, but which one?

Buy it online!

How many times did you loose your ticket or forgot to check the results? Maybe you have already won but don't know about it. That's why you should always play the lottery online. To buy your ticket online simply visit the official website of the lottery provider (for UK it's National Lottery) and purchase the tickets there. This way you will never have to worry about loosing the winning ticket. And they will let you know about every single winning and how to claim it.

computer icon The Facts

All the tips mentioned above can lower your odds to win the lottery. However, in many cases this may not be enough since there are still millions of combinations which can match these winning criteria.

To truly increase your chances to win, you should follow more scientific approach like our site does and play combinations with the highest probability to win.

light bulb icon The Solution

Our experience shows the important thing is to identify the most commonly drawn numbers and how they can be put together to form winning combinations. After each lottery draw we carry out extensive analysis in order to identify high probability winning combinations, separating them from low probability combinations. This way we can generate sets which are winning prizes far more often than the odds would normally allow!

Our system and strategies are based on years of research, mathematical probability and extensive data gathered since the very first lottery draw.

light bulb icon Winning Strategy

When choosing the right strategy, it's important to know for how long you can play the specific generated combinations. Our system is based on these time frames:

Short term

Long term

System Predictions

Winning Numbers Generators

Most Frequently Winning Combinations

System Predictions

Work by eliminating about 50% of the balls from the whole set.

Can increase your chance to win by 98%.

Combinations can be played only for 1 draw (next draw).

System Predictions

Winning Numbers Generators

We offer various number generators but the most notable are:

#1. Frequently Winning Combinations Generator

Based on combinations winning frequency. Can generate the most often winning combinations based on the amount of prizes they won per specified time period.

You can expect plenty of prizes in a short period of time.

Can be used for short term only - on average maximum 4 weeks time.

#2. Recent Numbers Generator

This generator observes the numbers which are being drawn most often in a shorter period of time. This happens relatively often so it's definitely recommended to include into your game strategy.

When they hit the right draw, you can expect nice winnings.

Can be used maximum only for 1 draw (next draw).

#3. Random Numbers Generator - Cover All Numbers

To offset draws when specific strategies may not perform well, you can include these sets generated with improved algorithm to generate random numbers but to cover every single number from the whole pool of numbers.

This way you will always match every single ball and with a bit of luck can even win a decent prize.

Can be used for any time period.

Most Frequently Winning Combinations

These are the heart and brain of our system.

Time proven and tested, these combinations won the most prizes to date and playing them in a long run should bring you plenty of prizes and with a bit of luck you may as well hit the jackpot!

Can be used for a long term - on average 1 to 3 months.

For more information select from the options below:

The solution is to win frequently and stay profitable!

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