Lottery Syndicates

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Improve your odds to win

Lottery syndicates are a great way to improve your odds to win the jackpot by playing more tickets with the group of people you choose.

According to National Lottery 1 in 4 Lotto jackpots are won by a syndicate.

When setting up a syndicate it is important to draw up a group agreement in preparation of that big win. All winnings are normally split between the members equally. You can get more info about how to properly set up your own syndicate on National Lottery website.

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Join existing lottery syndicates online

If you can't find a group of people for your own syndicate, you can join existing Lottery syndicates online. They usually charge a small amount to play. You will be joining a group of players and this way increasing your buying power and upping your chances of winning big money.

Lottery syndicates and tickets

Supported Lotteries UK Lotto EuroMillions Irish Lotto Super Enalotto
Played in country UK EU Ireland Italy USA USA
Can pick own numbers limited limited limited limited limited limited
Number of entries 65 150 1 40 200 200
Costs per entry £2.99 £13.65 £1.65 £14.19 £10.69 £10.27
Join this syndicate Join Join Join Join Join Join

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Don't forget the winning numbers!

Whether you are building your own syndicate, joining an online one or play as a single player, it is always very important to stay on top of the game by playing the most often winning combinations. If you have a choice to pick your own numbers, always choose the most often winning combinations to increase your odds to win. This way you will be maximising your chances to hit the jackpot even more.

Find out how to get these winning combos: WINNING LOTTERY NUMBERS

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How to win the lottery books

Here are some books with more tips on how to win the Lottery.