Lottery Predictions

We provide 2 types of lottery predictions. One generated by our system and the second one by our users using Wisdom Of Crowds method. See below what they are and how to benefit from them.

1. System predictions

Using our sophisticated machine learning system we select the most probable numbers to be picked in the next draws.

This is how it works:

  • We pick about half the balls from the total sets of numbers which our system flags as the most probable to occur in the next draw.
  • We eliminate the other half of the balls which we believe have lower chance to be picked.
  • This way you are playing only half of the ball sets giving you 98% higher chance to win when we match all balls.
  • The predictions are generated before the draw takes place giving you plenty of time to see it and use the numbers.
  • After the draw takes place, we show you which numbers were hit.
  • We were able to match all balls with this strategy on many occasions winning you the JACKPOT!

2. Wisdom of Crowds predictions

So you think you can predict the next lottery results and beat our system?

Based on "wisdom of crowds" method, we decided to test if something like a crowd of random people can correctly predict the results of the lottery?

This is how it works:

  • Every registered user posts their predictions for the next lottery draw.
  • One day before the draw we close the entries and create the final wisdom of crowds prediction using all posted predictions.
  • We will reveal the final prediction 24h prior to the draw.
  • And finally we'll wait for the draw to find out the results.
  • We will publish all successful individual predictions after each draw, so get in the charts now!

Mega Millions Mega Millions prediction results

2438445758 17

Draw: Fri, Apr 3, 2020

System prediction - matched balls


MegaMillions System Predictions

Wisdom of crowds prediction

MATCH 1 + 0

MegaMillions Predictions by Crowds

PowerBall PowerBall prediction results

3335454860 16

Draw: Wed, Apr 1, 2020

System prediction - matched balls


PowerBall System Predictions

Wisdom of crowds prediction

MATCH 0 + 0

PowerBall Predictions by Crowds