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Below you can find testimonials from people who used our system to help them win the lottery. See for yourself whether it worked for them, what results they achieved and how satisfied were they.

If you used our winning combinations too, please share your experience with others and spread the word to help others decide whether to use our system and most importantly, help everyone to win the lottery.

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L. from United States, Washington wrote in June 2015:


Charles from United States wrote in April 2015:

"I love playing the lottery now with the most winning combinations. I have been winning my money back and tonight I won 2 winning numbers and the mega ball. All together since playing with the most winning combinations I have won $32 since 03/24/2015. I have never won that much just playing quick pick or playing or picking numbers myself. It feels good to have money in my pocket."

Charles from United States wrote in April 2015:

"I got good news I purchased $20 of mega millions tickets. The winning megaball was 2. I used 2 on 10 lines and I won 1 winning number and mega ball. I won $13 I almost got half my money back. The week before I won $1.00 now i'm winning something every other week that I play using the most winning combinations. It may not be the jackpot, but its awesome winning something besides winning nothing at all. My wallet will not be empty anymore using the most winning combinations. I decided to take a change and put 2 for the mega ball for 10 lines and I won double. I feel that I will get lucky this year and finally win the jackpot that I wanted to win so badly since turning 18. I have been playing mega millions since I been playing 18 years old. Now I am getting results using the most winning combinations."

Charles from United States wrote in March 2015:

"This system really works. I purchased 10 mega millions using the mega millions combinations. The winning numbers are 02-23-32-45-55--12. I won the megaball which is 12 on 1 line and I got the first winning number of 02 on three lines. I only won $1.00 but hey I hardly ever when the megaball playing the megamillions. Using this system I have won it. Its better winning $1.00 then not winning nothing each week. I'm going be purchasing more combinations. You don't win anything if you get 1 number you have to win the megaball to win any money. Using this system will bring me closer to winning the jackpot. You have to have patients. This year will be the year I win the jackpot."

Charles from United States wrote in March 2015:

"Man the combinations was amazing. I didn't buy a maga millions ticket. I purchased 20 magaball combinations. I got 2 numbers and my megaball was 3 and the winning megaball was 2. I almost dream what if the other 4 neighbors matched. I need to start buying me some lotto ticket."

Jesse from United States, Silver Spring wrote in December 2013:

"My first 15 Mega Million combinations won me back $22.00, the second 20 combinations $60. I have three more draws to play the second 20 combinations - who knows what's in the store for me...can't wait to find out! Just started using this system last November 22, 2013."

Bobby from United States, Richardson wrote in August 2013:

"I totally believe in this system!! AWESOME!!"

Tina from United States, Huntsville wrote in June 2013:

"Of course I was very skeptical, but after reading other people's testimonies I decided to purchase 10 poweball combinations for this past Saturdays drawings. Although I didn't win anything, I did have at least 2 numbers on each line. I will keep trying... This is the best site..."

Gordon from United States, Richardson, TX wrote in May 2013:

"Didn't believe at first in this system but tried 20 combos and guess what, nice $100 on the first try! Amazing! This system really works."

Christine from United States wrote in May 2013:

"Hi, I just won $4 (the correct Powerball number)using your predicted numbers. Although it was a small amount, I am a believer."

Toalima from United States, Pinole, CA wrote in April 2013:

"My name is Toalima Elisara from Pinole California. I just would like to say that I am a part of the powerball history here when it started on Wednesday the 10th on 2013. I would like to add to that thank you for the numbers this web site gave me. I played all 40 of my number that I purchased from this site. Well, guess what, I won back 51 bucks back and I am going to play these numbers again this Saturday. I knew that there was a structure on figuring out the number, but I'm sorry, I'm not a math mathematician. I think with this strategy you would need a real smart mathematician to figure the rest out. Until then, good luck. I am loving this site. Thank you. If my numbers hit, I'm donating to this site as well. People out there, it's worth it. Sooner or later it will hit."

Ramone from United States wrote in March 2013:

"Hey this Ramone from milwaukee tonite I wheeled my own numbers 3-6-21-32-38 (17) I got three out of five rite ! With megaplier I had to get down to business and really study mega millions number placement and frequency and for the last two weeks I've had nothing but success thanks to beat lottery I truly love this site it opened my eyes to how the megamillions game is played"

Ramone from United States wrote in March 2013:

"Hi this Ramone from Milwaukee since signing up to this website I've had nothing but success with powerball and megamillions. I didn't get the jackpot but the smaller wins is were it counts the last three powerball and megamillions game I got the megaball and powerball right everytime so far I won 200.00 dollars! Because this site it really change the way I play my game and pick numbers."

Peter from United States, Lakewood wrote in March 2013:

"Unfortunately did not play but thank you for putting faith in the list of winning powerball numbers that has come to fruition."

Ramone from United States wrote in March 2013:

"Hey this is Ramone from Milwaukee. I signed up for beat lotto and followed the predictions for megamillions Friday 3/8/2013 game and won $18.00 on first try! This site is for real! I got real emotional after that small win. I missed jackpot by 3 numbers! I love the site."

Long from United States, San Jose wrote in January 2013:

"I did it... wish I would have hit all 5 numbers? well 4 out of six is a good start? I believed this system works, just a matter of time I will hit the main jackpot... thanks"

Kevin from United States, Sun City, CA wrote in November 2012:

"I purchased your 100 most often winning Powerball combos for the last draw and amazingly hit 4 main balls + power ball with $10,000 win! Are you kidding me?! You guys are for real! I'm definitely in for the next draw of $450mil jackpot - this time with 200 combos! Fingers crossed and if I win, you have a share for sure! Thank you!"

REGINA from United States, Villa Rica wrote in September 2012:

"I love your site. I hope I hit soon! You have a lot of great features on your site."

Charles from United States wrote in May 2012:

"The combinations really work. It takes time & patience. I won my first $100.00 playing mega millions. I want to win the jack pot know, but i have to have patience it's hard waiting. I also came very, very, very close in winning the jack pot or the bigger prizes using the combinations. You will get close to winning with these combinations i have my tickets to prove it. The jack pot or a bigger prize is just a matter of time."

Jeannine from United States, Chicago wrote in April 2012:

"Well I'm a little sceptical I will admit but I just purchased my first 10 combo and gona play this coming Friday so wish me luck. I'll let you know if I'm a winner. Thanks."

Charles from United States wrote in April 2012:

"I won $7 from Saturday Power ball drawing. I got two white balls & the power ball. At least i won my money back plus $5.00. I'm just looking to win the jackpot or the $1,000,000,000 which i get if i win 5 white balls. Its just hard waiting for the jackpot. I do enjoy winning since using your combinations then losing my money each week. Thank You."

Charles from United States wrote in April 2012:

"I came close to being rich tonight. The winning numbers for georgia power ball Is. 05-13-17-20-30-18, the power ball from the combinations was 20. I purchased 8 georgia power ball tickets. On line E I had the first two winning numbers. The other winning numbers was in different lines but i had them all. I came close to winning $1,000,000 with 5 numbers. I didn't win nothing tonight but i came very very close."

Charles from United States wrote in April 2012:

"Tonight's winning power ball numbers are. 01-24-33-45-49-6. I purchased 10 combo & i got the first number drawn but not the rest. I'm very impressed its a blessing i found this site. With help from this site i'm on my way to winning the $80,000,000 power ball jack pot. If i get 5 white balls i win $1,000,000. Which i would be happy with. I'm not discouraged i will not give up."

Charles from United States wrote in April 2012:

"If only i found this site sooner before last week. Know i'm very depressed i could had won $10,000."

Long from United States, San Jose wrote in March 2012:

"well i hope this work or at least win something, never really believe in this kind of stuff so now i decided is worth a try since the jackpot is close to 500 million, why not..well my friend got very close to winning the mega million at one point hitting 4 number and the mega and as for me the closest i've got was hitting 4 number..Well so far so good, the number that was generated for me looks very good and hopefully it hit:)"

Matthew from United States, La Junta wrote in March 2012:

"Hi I purchased a 10 combo for mega millions on march 27th and got three numbers and did a quick pic and could tell the differents in numbers you get i will be back to buy more combos plus this system works thanks"

Leonardo from United States wrote in December 2011:

"I Purchased Another 10 Power Ball Combinations On Nov.2nd 2011 And Just Won $104 On The Power Ball Drawing Held On Dec.7 2011"

Leonardo from United States wrote in February 2011:

"I purchased 10 power ball combinations last night and won $107 on my first try thanks for this web site"

Devon from United States, Rochester wrote in February 2011:

"Thank you, you have an amazing site by the way. I played powerball on saturday for the first time using your site and I only matched 2 numbers which still does not earn a prize. But I trust you all to make something happen for me soon. Please do not get rid of your amazing site. This may be my only resort to gaining quite a bit of $$$ and me finally beeing happy."

Gordon from United States, Richardson, TX wrote in July 2010:

"WOW --- $150 on my first try using BEAT LOTTERY numbers. That's IMPRESSIVE! Thanks."

Jessamie from United States, San Diego, CA wrote in March 2010:

"With your site I had picked numbers to play last Tuesday I was sick and didn't get down to buy my tickets and they all came up I would have won 12 million"

Jason from United States, Atlanta wrote in March 2010:

"Very impressive site indeed! I like this new approach of generating most often winning combinations. I tried your combos several times and won several prizes. After seeing the demonstrations quik pick vs most often winning numbers, I'll never play quik picks in my life again! You opened my eyes. Thank you!"

Derek from United States, Cincinnati wrote in March 2010:

"My friend won stunning $10,000! using your combos so I decided to join this lottery club as well and be a winner too!"

Gerald from United States, Jeffersonville, IN wrote in March 2010:

"Last night I got right 3+power ball with your combos, not bad at all! I hope 5+1 will come soon. Great site by the way. Good work guys!"

Christopher from United States, Atlanta, GA wrote in March 2010:

"I've been playing PowerBall for many years but didn't win any big money. I tried your high performing combos and after a month I managed to scoop about $540 which is way more than I ever won! I know it's difficult to win the jackpot but I hope with your help it will come. Thank you!"

Bill from United States wrote in March 2010:

"I would like to thank you for your great combinations! It is everything I needed. I play both MegaMillions and PowerBall games. I managed to win $1430 so far! I'm glad I joined this club of winners!"

Marie from United States, Seattle, WA wrote in March 2010:

"I don't regret buying the high performance combinations. They helped me to win many prizes. My lottery games are so much fun now! thank you!"

William from United States, Elk Grove, CA wrote in March 2010:

"Your site is amazing! Helped me win lots of prizes. Thank you very much."

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